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10 Astonishing Humans Changes After 1000 Years

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Humanity continues to change and evolve and it is even believed that humans will reach their peak in 1,000 years from environmental and genetic influences here are 10 ways humans will evolve in 1,000 years.


  1. Longer lifespan:
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The world of medicine is pretty incredible in the fact that currently human lifespans have increased by about 20 years and will continue to grow as we learn more about our bodies what makes them tick and what makes them deteriorate as we proceed on the route to cure ailments like cancer and heart conditions humans will have the ability to live much longer.


  1. Mutations:
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Can you imagine what humans will look like with bigger eyes our evolution seems to point the way to growing eye sockets as genetic mutations occur in more people those people reproduce and pass on those genes to their future offspring we’re already seeing inherited mutations like changes in eye color and the size of the eyes and even special abilities of the body one such mutation can be found in a man called Michel Lotito who can eat anything and we mean anything like glass and metal in 1,000 years this mutation may very well be a common trait in humans.


  1. Language:
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Today there are over 7,000 languages spoken but in 1000 years that number will population grows technology continues to dominate and as smaller habitats start dying off so will other languages right now English Spanish French Mandarin and Japanese are just some of the dominant languages that are spoken today and will continue to do so if someone speaks a language that no one else around the world knows then it will eventually die off for the sake of communicating with the rest of the world.


  1. Genetic Modification:

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Humans will be able to become near perfect specimens in 1,000 years because parents will be able to select their child’s genetic makeup to determine hair color as well as eliminate birth defects granted while this could create perfect humans with long lives there is the fear that some widespread disaster will come around to destroy the human race very much like how the dinosaurs went extinct.


  1. Darker Skin:
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As the progression of time has shown the intensity of UV radiation continues to increase and in 1,000 years it could very well change the color of our skin as the Sun beats down harder on earth human skin will darken in order to combat the UV rays as that will be the evolutionary trait that will be favorable.


  1. Body Type:
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As our world continues to heat up having a body that is tall and thinner is better to expel excess body heat and this body type will more likely survive the climate change depending on how humans cope with things like climate change and finding shelter from such changes human body type will very well be different in 1000 years as a way to survive those intense UV rays, however, lifestyle will make the difference some of these changes may be so drastically different that it could lead to the human race splitting off into two different species.


  1. Teeth:

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In the early days of man humans had pretty large and sharp teeth to help them eat their kills from hunting as well as raw food but over the years teeth of humans have gotten smaller why the basic answer is that we’re getting smarter as humans we have created tools and ways to manufacture nutrition food is relatively easy to eat today meat is cooked and softened vegetables aren’t as hard to eat anymore because of these factors it is believed that teeth will continue to shrink due to the convenience of how our food is prepared.


  1. Nanobots:
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Nanobots are tiny little robots that would go into the human body and be able to improve its functionality as well as enhance basic functions we’re talking fighting against cancer microsurgeries boosting the immune system and analysis of the brain this technology won’t be perfected in our lifetime but we’re setting the stage now for a successful nanobot infiltration of the human body in 1,000 years.


  1. Conquered Death:

Technology continues to advance in such a way to where it is running hand in hand with science one such innovation that is possible in 1000 years is the ability to conquer death and achieve immortality how it is believed that humans will be able to upload their brain essentially their consciousness into a computer and be able to duplicate itself.


  1. Space Colonization:
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Space is the final frontier and we have been reaching for the stars ever since man walked on the moon as space programs all over the world continue to make advancements in space travel it is believed that in 1,000 years we will be able to colonize other planets and galaxies thus guaranteeing the survival of our species we hope you enjoy this incredible video if you enjoyed it check out other videos on our Channel give us a like comment and all that fun stuff down below thanks for watching





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