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10 Cool Ways to Make Money Online

Welcome to top archive are you tired of the nine-to-five routine that our worst jobs do nothing to make you feel better about your current employment we may be able to help you as always with another great installment this time we’re tackling the top ten real ways you can make money online these may not replace your full-time job immediately but with a little time patience and imagination you could go create a career from the comfort of your own home number.


  1. Online Psychic and Tarot Readings
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There are people out there that swear by astrological readings tarot cards and psychics that also means there are people out there that will pay others to provide said services turning what some would consider ludicrous into a viable business via websites like allege psychics can sign themselves up for paid live chat sessions and charge a specific amount per minute tarot readings are a bit more complicated to get started in mostly because there are so many free services offered but Craigslist has proved a viable starting point before moving on to your own online tarot reading service.


  1. Online Surveys
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Ever wonder how some companies make the decisions they do sometimes it’s an internal decision based off of figures and estimations but consumer opinion can be a big part of change but where do those opinions come from and how did they coax people to take the time to do a survey well with online surveys and cash money of course there are plenty of websites that offer compensation for surveys so much that the market is getting pretty saturated but some sites are a bit more generous than others if you aim to make some extra cash through online surveys recommended sites include Opinion Outpost calm and to Luna calm or for Android users the app Google opinion rewards is a great way to earn a few bucks towards your Google credit account.


  1. Online Focus Groups

Like online surveys online focus groups allow for convenient consumer and political research but they require a bit more from the participants than clicking a few radio buttons rather than gathering a group of people in one location though everything is done in an online forum as there is it much of an inconvenience to participants, not every online focus group pays but if you’re looking for a quick buck is a valuable resource a moderator will steer the discussion which is held over a web-based technology like WebEx and go to meeting and you don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of face-to-face discussion.


  1. Etsy
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Feeling crafty and don’t know what to do with those twenty-five scarves you crocheted with that feeling you can try your luck at an arts and crafts show spend the money to secure a table and enjoy the blistering heat or you can simply open an Etsy shop and sell your handmade product from the comfort of your own home members of the e-commerce site specialize in hand crafting unique items leading to a community of over 1.6 Million sellers and 2.39 billion dollars in sales in 2015 alone additional to arts and crafts Etsy also allows shops to carry vintage and antique items that are at least twenty years old.


  1. eBay
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EBay has a lot of junk that you think may be worth something since  the online auction house has proved to be a fine means of unloading your unwanted stuff while you’re free to sell just about anything you can find those that have the potential to make the most money tend to either focus on limited collectibles and antiques or open their own eBay store and specialize in stocking and selling anything from clothing to electronics to niche items like erotic postcards one of the best ways to find stuff to sell on eBay is by visiting local thrift shops garage sales and estate sales be sure to bring a device with an internet connection so you can price check your lucky finds before you buy them.


  1. Owning or Building a Website
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Building a Website have a service you think you can offer is your mind filled with things that you’d love to throw out for the world to read think you have the know-how to turn an online space into an advertising Mecca you may want to scrape together the minimal start-up cash to build yourself a website now making money from a website is all long term endeavor that takes a lot of patience in time but if the formula can be perfected your bank account can grow from ad revenue if you’re the creative type and know your way around Word Press or even better can code there are plenty of small brick-and-mortar and service companies looking to have a website built and will often pay the thousands of dollars.


  1. Virtual Assistant
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Thanks to the wonders of the Internet some jobs allow you to escape the office setting and be done from the convenience of your home one position which offers the perks of a home setting and independence is a virtual assistant much like an in-office assistant virtual assistants act as a sort of liaison for higher up employees scheduling meetings fielding phone calls performing research and record-keeping and partaking in conference calls and online meetings via email telephone calls and online meeting software virtual assistants communicate with fellow employees and not once do they need to slip into high heels or throw on a tie to get the job done.


  1. Online Tutoring
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Maybe you’ve pursued a career in teaching but found that it’s not all what younger you thought it was cracked up to be maybe you’re in-between teaching jobs or just waiting for summer break to end whatever the situation you’re teaching expertise doesn’t have to go to waste especially with online tutoring as a feasible alternative cutting out the need to deal with children in a face-to-face setting online tutoring allows you to use your educational background to help people of all ages with homework basic and advanced test prep and general coursework even if you’re still pursuing a degree so long as you’re a sophomore in a four-year degree program sites like tutor comm. will consider you for an online tutor position.


  1. Freelancing
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If you have an ability to create something others may struggle with such as an informative piece of writing beautiful graphic logo or piece of music you could have a future as an online freelancer typically freelancers are responsible solely for content whether it be a company logo website design or podcast theme song just knowing how to create something is one part of the battle as marketing yourself and finding clients can be far more frustrating and time-consuming websites like people per or calm fibre calm and flex jobs calm are vital resources for starting freelancers looking to remain and succeed in an online setting.


  1. Owned a YouTube Channel
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It’s true you can make quite a bit of money by owning and operating your own YouTube channel what isn’t true is any inkling you may have that it’s easy to do many different factors go into what makes a YouTube channel successful first and foremost being whether or not the idea is original and appealing but that doesn’t mean you need any talent or expensive equipment because there are plenty of channels that have started or continue to use subpar equipment yet have a huge following You Tuber grade at under a is a prime example a channel that went from, 50000 to 2.8 million subscribers in just one year utilizing only Microsoft Paint and movie maker to make his videos YouTube is all about creativity and finding an audience that enjoys your content chances are if you find something funny entertaining or educational then someone else will too so don’t be afraid to start creating content and starting your career path on YouTube.

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