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10 fascinating things you probably didn’t know about Deepavali

01. Foot of the bamboo

Tekka Market is a place to be if you want to know more about Singaporeans and our way of living. Tekka which means the “foot of the bamboo” in Hokkien. The terms were coined from many bamboo trees that used to grow there in the past

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02. Largest Hindu temple in Singapore

Dating back to 1827, the temple was known as Kling Street Temple or Mariamman Kovil, and construct by immigrants from the Cuddalore and Nagapattinam districts of South India is the largest Hindu temple in Singapore.

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03. A festival for all

Diwali is the festival for everyone, it considered as a cosmopolitan Hindu Festival But it’s not restricted to a particular religion. People of different religions celebrate Diwali with equal zeal.

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04. 4 Day Celebration

Diwali is a 4-day happiness, each day has its own meaning and a unique tale.

Day 1 – Naraka Chaturdasi

Day 2 – Amavasya

Day 3 – Kartika Shudda Padyami

Day 4 – Bhai Dooj

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05. The longest pieces of garments in the world

Measuring 6 meters in length, sarees come in intricate patterns and multi colors. This Indian costume is adorned by many Indian women during Diwali.

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06. Gambling is a tradition on Diwali

The ritual of gambling on Diwali also has a legend behind it. It is believed that on this day, Goddess Parvati played dice with her husband Lord Shiva and when she won, she announced that whosoever would gamble on the day of Diwali would mint wealth for the upcoming year.

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07. Lakshmi Puja

The most important day of Diwali celebration is marked as a Lakshmi puja, the worshipping of the goddess of wealth is the main event in West and North India.

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08.Exchange of gifts

Diwali festival is all about exchanging of gifts and happiness, this is the most important part of the celebration. During the occasion, people visit their relatives and friends and exchange gifts and things.

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09.Why Rangoli

Rangoli is derived from two words Rang for colors and Holi for celebration. Rangoli ritual Indian art In front of the house is one of the sacred and age-old secret phenomena of Intention. Some exceptional design for Diwali Rangoli is the birds, Ganesha, Diya, Lakshmi, flowers.

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10.Why Lights & Fireworks

Lights & firecrackers are a unique feature of Diwali celebration. The whole country plunges into the illumination of light and robust sound of noisy firecrackers, it’s the way to show joy and prosperity. Another more depth scientific explain the flumes of crackers kill the harmful insects which are born during the rainy season.

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