Disinfectant Sprays are Blessings for the Busy Homemaker

Disinfectant sprays are blessings for the busy homemaker – Web Soothe

When you visualise the perfect home, you see gleaming and clean surfaces as far as the eye can reach. Everything is in its rightful place, your family is happy and healthy, and your floors are so shiny that you can see your reflection in them!

But how many of us can honestly claim to have homes as pristine as the ones in our dreams? Every day, it becomes an uphill task to maintain order and cleanliness in the home. Just as you finish mopping up a spilled glass of juice, you realise that your baby has crawled onto an unclean floor mat. When you put your baby out of harm’s way, you turn around to find a bug on the kitchen counter. Completely overwhelmed, you begin to wonder how you can ever get your house as shiny and clean as you desire…

But wait, all is not lost. Cleaning your home need not be the tiring, impossible task that it seems. You don’t even need a bevy of cleaning products for every surface – just one product will do. Invest in a reliable disinfectant spray and watch how it cleans your home in a jiffy.

What are disinfectant sprays?

These are sprays that contain cleaning and disinfectant solutions in a spray bottle. The solution is simply sprayed on the dirty surface and wiped off. Some sprays have a ‘leave in’ composition – you simply spritz it on the unclear surface and let it air dry. However, it is better to wipe off the vestiges of these sprays if you use them on kitchen counters and cooking tops to prevent contamination of food.
The best disinfectant sprays provide up to 99.9% germicidal action and are extremely effective in dislodging dried dirt and grime, apart from killing disease-causing bacteria. They remove up to 90% of allergens and can be safely used to clean children’s rooms, cooking areas and sleeping spaces. They help kill such bacteria as E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella and MRSA, among others.

How should you use them?

The manufacturer will issue correct instructions about using the disinfectant spray. Keep a packet of antibacterial wipes and latex gloves handy before using these sprays. Spritz the required quantity of solution on the surface and wipe off with a damp cloth or a wipe. Allow it to air dry. If you are cleaning electrical surfaces, spray the solution on the cleaning wipe/cloth and then wipe off.

You can use these sprays on chopping boards, cooking tops, baby furniture (except feeding bottles), refrigerators and freezers, garbage bins, kitchen and bathroom taps, mats, sink area and drain area in the shower. They are not to be used with detergent powders or other cleaning solutions.

What to avoid ?

Most cleaning solutions contain bleach. While bleach provides effective cleaning action on grimy surfaces, it also leaves behind a chemical residue that can trigger allergies and rashes. Buy a disinfectant spray that does not contain bleach or triclosan. Further, do not use these sprays on fabrics, painted surfaces or wooden flooring.

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