Putting the Care Back in Customer Service


Customer service, especially in call centers can be a challenging ordeal. Unlike other sectors that involve customer service, a call center faces various challenges and hurdles, that can hamper the overall experience and effectiveness, which through a few key skills can be ironed out.

Listening skills:

Considered as one of the most important skills, not just in the call center industry, but across the media fraternity and other sectors, one of the most effective ways of communication is for the speaker to speak uninterrupted and actively listening, receiving the same, comprehending it and responding accordingly. If you keep interrupting someone, time and time again, be it on a call, or in person, he/she is going to lose their cool at some point, which can soon turn into an argument, from a discussion.


Another skill set required to make a difference, especially for those working in call centers, is to paraphrase whatever you have heard. This not only shows your eagerness and willingness to solve the query but will clarify whatever miscommunication that might have been caused during the course of the conversation. As call centers receive calls from various parts of the world, understanding various accents can be extremely challenging, and paraphrasing can help to avoid any communication challenges.


It becomes crucial not to get too engrossed in the conversation, and forgetting your primary role as an executive. While speaking with the customer, it is important to find the solution or answers to your customer’s query and here is where an effective inbound call center software will ensure that you find some of the most effective inbound call center solutions.

Delivering the quickest resolution:

It is a widely accepted fact in the call center industry that one of the most effective solutions are those that are delivered in the shortest time. It thus becomes important to show a sense of urgency while on call, in order to make the call an effective one and a pleasant experience for the caller/customer.

While the call center industry is expected to grow in the next few years, polishing up and enhancing some of the above-mentioned skills will ensure that your work experience at a call center is one that you look forward to.



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