Reports suggest that Arnab Goswami may start his own ‘News’ venture

Arnab Goswami


Leading senior Television journalist and anchor, Arnab Goswami, resigned as the Editor-in Chief of Times Now. He was missed during his prime time show, ‘The Newshour’ for the past couple of days.

Arnab Goswami began his career with‘The Telegraph’ in Kolkata in 1994. He joined NDTV in 1995, and was one of the most noticeable faces apart from Vikram Chandra and Rajdeep Sardesai. He joined ‘Times Now’ in 2006, as an Editor-in-Chief. His unique style, on his show, was often criticised for being too judgmental. He was the favourite of his fans and also of the critics.

According to a report in The Quint, Goswami had confirmed his resignation to Times Now employees, with various bureaus like Delhi joining in via video conferencing. During the conference Goswami said, “Independent media is going to thrive,” and further said that he would not be quitting television media or the news industry, adding, “The game has just begun.” This phrase was repeated at least 15 times during the hour long speech.

Although the sources hinted about Arnab’s resignation, the channel is showing teasers of Newshour with ‘Arnab is Back’ flashes. It is widely rumoured that Goswami resigned to start something on his own.

According to Business Standard, Arnab Goswami may venture to start a ‘news channel’ with politician and entrepreneur Rajeev Chandrasekhar and American media baron Rupert Murdoch.

It was also alleged that Goswami might join Fox News. However, could not confirm the reports.

“Sources within the Times Group indicate that Arnab Goswami may have been in discussions with another organisation to set up a new television and digital news venture for the past six months,” The Quint reported. “It was also indicated that at least a handful of Times Now employees will move to the new project along with him. In Arnab’s words, the new project will be a “formidable competition to BBC and CNN.”

Let’s wait and watch!

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