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The Resurfacing of CATI Methodology of Research

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As most of us are aware, CATI (Computer Aided Telephonic Interview) was one of the primary and key attempts initiated in the market research industry to blend market search interviewing process using technology.

CATI Methodology of Research

In this methodology of market research, the interviewer conducts a telephonic interview using a computer generated questionnaire. The CATI market research conducted by CATI research companies thus generated wields the power to bring a change in the business operations for the better as the senior level management becomes better equipped to take timely actions on the basis of precise market information. A few examples of the same can be given as below:

  • Reason for dissatisfaction on the part of consumers.
  • Finding the purpose as to why a customer leaves.
  • Preventing prospective consumers from changing their opinion or views.
  • Identifying the position of the brand with respect to competition.
  • Getting in touch with consumers who fall in the high value bracket.
  • Aiding in contacting professionals who matter or who are in the higher rank.
  • Getting authentic feedback from consumers that can be utilized in future for the purpose of customization of products or services so as to promote the brand popularity.

The Reasons for Resurfacing of CATI

With online research have gained popularity in recent years, there was a feeling among clients and research vendors that the new online research methodology fared better in comparison to CATI. But even the latest and sophisticated technology is considered good only if the people who use it know how to derive results from it.

With few years of use of the smart online research methodologies, industry veterans started realizing the importance of communication between the research participant, research team or CATI research companies along with disadvantages the newer online research offered.

This lead to the following crucial realizations:

  • Inclusion of a methodology that would enable the respondent to ask questions.
  • Secondly, encouraging mutual interaction between the respondent and researcher would aid in digging out valid and crucial information.
  • Thirdly the impact of globalization makes it difficult for companies and their respective market research teams to manipulate an online survey program as the end audiences do not speak the same language nor do they live in the same continent.

Irrespective of the fact whether the market research survey is undertaken within a specific country or globally, it calls for greater degree of flexibility and agility in every aspect of the study conducted.

The above realizations made the industry veterans to resort back to the use of CATI Methodology of research as it had numerous benefits to offer which the latest online methodology failed to offer.

Say for instance, a consumer can complete a CATI interview with a few minutes and then could get connected to a researcher who speaks the consumer’s native language. Depending on the responses provided by the respondent in the online survey, the researcher can design further follow up questions.  This is the reason for the resurfacing and everlasting popularity of CATI methodology of research.

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