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Indian clothing is so well suited to the weather, you would be hard pressed to find anything impractical in it. Our scorching summers make cotton the default material for most of our clothes, and the humble dhoti-kurta and the salwar kameez the most innovative solutions for our hot summers and cold winters alike.

The salwar kameez is, in many ways, a work of art. It gives shoulder to ankle coverage, fits the Indian woman’s curves snugly and offers the most enchanting silhouttes. A truly stylish salwar kameez suit is more stunning than the most expensive evening gown. And the Indian skin tone lends itself beautifully to the outfit as well – whether neon or a rustic earth shade, every colour and style looks great on the Indian woman.

If you’re looking for the season’s newest trends, look no further than current salwar kameez dupatta festival. You’ll find the freshest new colours and styles, plus hot discounts, all in one setting. Here’s what you can expect to find:

Hot new colours: Opt for parrot green, hot pinks, turmeric yellows and even cool blues. These colours are currently in vogue and will keep you cool and fresh in the current climate. Use these colours in your kameez, with a white or solid black salwar and a dupatta in a lighter shade as that of your kameez. A bit of light embellishment on the sleeves and along the hem adds a touch of panache.

New styles and cuts. We’ve reconciled ourselves to many styles in our salwar suits over the years, but some really make a lasting impression. The Bohemian style of kameez is one of these. Sometimes cinched at the waist but normally a loosely flowing garment, its silhouette is balanced with a crisp churidar. Opt for a cotton-silk blend or polyester for the kameez and lycra or starched cotton for the churidar. Another style that is making waves is the Anarkali style kameez.

Cotton to the rescue. Keep things simple with cotton. Cotton allows the skin to breathe and it dries up faster. Plus, it looks so elegant! Experiment with a variety of colours, lengths and prints to rock your cotton ensemble. The salwar kameez dupatta collection will help you pick your favourites.

Prints, ahoy! Aztec prints are ruling international runways for trousers, tops and even bags. In India, we are channelling the trend with a series of stunning Aztec print salwar kameez suits. If the pattern doesn’t work for your body type (a pear-shaped body, for example, will look heavier in an Aztec print kameez), opt for a light print on your salwar and a heavier print on the dupatta. Choose a hot new print with strong colours to make a stylish statement. If you’re looking to channel your inner flower child, opt for floral patterns on your kameez. A kameez with a gold block print is best for formal occasions.

Dupatta optional. The Salwar Kameez Dupatta festival will give you ideas on rocking the dupatta this season. Use a voluminous, heavy cotton one over a plain salwar kameez, and a light polyester one for simple cotton or jute ensembles.

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