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Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Is Going To Portugal Right Now


  1. Best Weather: The sharp, crisp sunshine makes winter an appealing time to visit Portugal this makes sunniest countries in Europe. Especially on the coast, it is chill all year round. On the other hand, North is pretty cold, especially inland covered with vast snow.
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  1. Wine Of course: Portugal is shaking up the world with wines, it seems finally to have emerged from the shadows. The most famous one is obviously port wines that vintage ruby port with nuances of blackberry, other deep flavors with chocolate will bring out the tang of a creamy Stilton cheese.
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  1. If trekking and hiking is your thing: Portugal offers a wide range of hiking trails and itineraries. Rota Vicentina is a network of walking trails in South-West Portugal, comprise of 450 km to walk, along with the best preserved and most beautiful coastline of Southern Europe and more.
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  1. Pastel de Natas: Portugal has a clear sweet appetite, which is available on most city streets. Pastry and Bakeries shops are as ubiquitous as Dunkin Donuts shops which are also located at Northeast US, and it seems like every other corner is pulling hungry eyes closer to appetizing cakes, custards, bread, and other delights.
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  1. The Waves: the Beautiful rolling swell of Atlantic Ocean, best surfing destination in Portugal every kind of wave imaginable here, epic scenery, baking hot sun for a good part of the year.
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  1. The Nightlife: Partying in Portugal. If you’re looking for entertaining, fun and a lot of partying than take a look at Algarve. Spend the day swimming, sightseeing or sunbathing and end it with an explosive party experience in Albufeira by going to Avenida Dr.Francisco Sá Carneiro, more frequently known to holidaymakers as The Strip.
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  1. You love football: You shouldn’t miss the opportunity of coming to Portugal if you love football, the atmosphere in the home games of our biggest clubs is unbelievable!
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  1. Listen to fado: Some are more touristic, others more classic. From gatherings with well-known fado singers to some good old-fashioned fado vadio. Being such an important tradition, you can’t miss these places. This is the journey you’ll want to follow.

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  1. The Safest country in the world: Every year the Institute for Peace and Economics analyses the Global Peace Index in which Portugal ranked 3rd on the list in 2017. This concludes very low crime rate and even minute violent crime rate including better economic & political stability, despite being incredibly safe, they offer travel insurance.
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  1. Great value for money: Portugal is quite an economy country to visit! It’s possibly the cheapest in Western Europe and one of cheapest developed countries in the world. In Portugal, you get all the things of a developed country at a really cheap price for a traveler thus a great deal for a modest traveler!
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