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Top 10 Things You Should Never Google (Warning!!!)

Hello Folks welcome back to our series of top ten list, today we have the top ten list of things you should never google and when I say you should never google these things I mean never not sometimes not the occasional afternoon where you’re bored and you’re intrigued to look at odd pictures I mean never but before we get into all of that gross content that’s headed our way I want to know what is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen online and you guys let’s keep this PG okay let me know down in the comments now here’s a warning some of these things they’re pretty gross so just as the title reads do not Google them we will have some cover pics so if you hear a topic you think you’re not gonna want to know about you’re kind of squeamish about then maybe just look away until we move on to the next one just give me you guys a warning some of these pictures will be shown.

10. Your symptoms:

Symptoms - Web Soothe

So as if you don’t already know this one never ever look up your symptoms online because more often than not it’s just gonna terrify you and tell you that you have some incurable disease I remember when I was younger I had this dark freckle on my arm that I had never noticed before now I’m of Scottish descent so I have a lot of freckles but this one was new so I googled it an internet sold me I had skin cancer I freaked out I cried once the doctor and you know what it was just a new freckle I know a lot sometimes you might develop a cop or some sort of rash maybe some joint pain whatever the case may be you just go to your doctor because if you look it up online you’re just going to be told that you’re dying when chances are you’re more than likely fine so ain’t no one got time for that.

09. Death clock:

Death clock - Web Soothe

I’m not gonna lie well making this list I googled things on this list because that’s part of my job to do the research so I have to know what I’m potentially showing you guys to make sure that it’s safe and appropriate and thank God I did that because one of the things I was going to be on this list ended up giving one of the computers at the office a virus yeah that’s all I’m gonna say about that but in this case this one I did not  look up because quite honestly it freaks me out so what you have to do is you have to type in your date of birth your height your weight and smoking habits and after doing this it allows you to discover the exact day the internet believes you are going to die I suggest you guys don’t google this because it’s just gonna make you paranoid and screw with your head but if some of you were silly enough to actually go to this site you don’t need to live in complete fear because there have been over two deaths that have matched up with this list that we know.

08. Smoking lungs:

Yeah if you guys saw those pictures on cigarette packages were bad then you definitely don’t want to see these it’s a very disturbing and kind of makes you feel really nauseous after looking at it I’ve actually never smoked because I grew up with my dad being a smoker and I saw how hard it was for him to quit and I didn’t want to go through that plus it makes your breath and clothes stink and it damages your skin it’s just not worth it so if any of you out there actually do smoke maybe you should Google is only because it might finally be the kick in the butt you need to quit but for those of you who don’t these pics are very graphic and disturbing so you should just stay away.

07. Bedbug infestations:

 Bedbug infestations - Websoothe

For those of you who don’t know bedbugs they’re parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood but bug bites are usually painless at first but later turn into itchy welts also bed bug bites are in any area the skin exposed while sleeping so if you google bed bugs you get a picture of one or two you know it’s not cute but you can look at it but one day googled bedbug infestations I got these pictures of like bedbugs and colonies it was so gross I honestly started to it’s like I could feel them crawling all over me from just looking at the pictures it’s not something you want to Google trust me there are swarms of them it’s just so voila

06. The beginning of “UP”:

 The beginning of UP

Yeah we’re taking a spin on this list from pretty gross things to something incredibly sad that will make you a bawl your eyes out now I’m sure many of you have seen up but if you haven’t you’re missing out because it’s great now like I said this movie is awesome aside from you know the first five minutes because within the first five minutes of this animated movie it rips your heart out throws it on the floor and stomps on it it’s just so devastating all these horrible things happen to this poor couple and you don’t expect it I went as almost maybe with to my best friends when I came out and we were all excited you sit down all happy and within the first five minutes you’re crying so much and you can’t stop do not torture yourself do not Google this.

05. Skin conditions:

Skin Conditions - Web Soothe

You’d think this one it’s not so bad you google it a list of calming skin conditions come up no big deal but then you click over to the images and you just see stuff you could have gone your whole life with ever needing to see and you just ask yourself why am I making such a list what is life and I’m gonna leave it up bad because you guys don’t need to experience what I just did.

04. Crabs:

Bedbug infestations - Websoothe

If you type in crabs into the internet you’ll get these pictures of cute little crabs some are real some are animated but all around they’re cute but if you add STD to your search well then things take a turn for the worst for those of you who haven’t learned in health class yet genital crabs are tiny blood sucking insects that infect human genitals causing itching and red spots much like bedbugs we talked about previously only these are transferred during sexual activity I would imagine these when we have pleasant thing to have nor is this pleasant thing to Google in

03. Animal slaughterhouses:

Bedbug infestations - Websoothe

Obviously you can tell by the name this one’s not a pleasant thing to Google and I would strongly advise against it seeing as it’s just pictures of animals being tortured and decapitated and you know explains the steps of how this happens and it’s a pretty heartbreaking process however if you’re somebody who wants to become a vegetarian and you need the extra nudge to convince yourself to do it maybe you should google this because after looking at these pictures and learning about it you’re not gonna want to eat meat for quite a while.

02. Cancer:

Cancer - Web Soothe

Now normally this one be on the list because when you google it there’s a lot of good things that pop up such as breast cancer awareness and direction on how women can give themselves at home breast exams but then you click the link that says cancer symptoms and you just get this huge list and some of the things on the list are pretty common then you look up types of cancer and this list is even longer and then you just get paranoid and creeped yourself out and worry about nothing again if you’re experiencing anything out of the ordinary or feel a lump somewhere on your body you need to go to your doctor don’t google it because you’re just gonna freak yourself out alright guys so let’s recap we’ve talked about symptoms, the death clock, smoking lungs, bed bugs, crabs, cancer animal slaughterhouses skin conditions and the tragedy that is the beginning of the movie up.

01. Giving birth – crowning:

Crowing - Web Soothe

Obviously we’re not gonna show pictures because that’s just no it’s not gonna happen so instead we’re gonna insert cute little pictures of babies now if you’re currently pregnant this is an OK thing to Google you know you have to stay educated on what’s about happen to your body but if you’re not then don’t do it because it will traumatize you and you will never want to have a child it shows you pictures and you learn in detail might I add all the painful messy bloody joys of bringing a new life into this world googling giving birth it’s okay but then you throw crowning in there and you just question why women go through this kind of torture some women have five kids heroes that that’s what they are their heroes like many women I do want to have kids one day but after seeing this it’s gonna set me back a few years don’t google this guy’s it’s just gonna make you question everything about your future well there you guys have it our top ten list of things you should never Google.

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