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Top 10 Ultimate Android Apps – July 2017

Top 10 Apps – Websoothe

Hey folks if you’re looking for best android app then you landed on right page, so welcome to my page and I try my hard to help you here for the best Android applications for July 2017 as always we’ve got a few really special ones on this list – be sure to stay until the end and let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite but that being said.

Let’s get started so first on the list –

  1. Applock 

Applock - websoothe                                                       Image Source: Softonic.

Its functionality boils down to this you can choose any combination of services applications and commands to be locked and any time an application has been locked it means only you can access it and you can protect these by a bunch of different methods it’s got the standard ones like the screen pattern the same way you might unlock your smartphone has also got access to your fingerprint scanner but more impressively arts alternate options for example a random keyboard which lets the enter password but at the same time it randomizes the keyboard to any onlooker will be able to replicate it.

  1. Text Converter 

Text Converter - websoothe                                                        Image Source: Youtube.

It allows you to translate any text you’re about to send somebody into a completely different form now the best about it is that all of these forms can be copied and pasted and they will appear as it shows in the application you can put your words into patterns you can translate them into an entirely different looking forms or you can even flip them upside down unless the time I try this I got some pretty impressive reactions.

     8. Spyzie

Spyzie - websoothe  Image Source: Beebom.

This allows you to do and this is probably more customized for the parents among you, it allows you to completely monitor the activity on another smartphone so the other phone could be an Android current it could be an IOS phone it doesn’t really matter but the truly impressive thing here was the extent to which you can monitor the activity on the other device everything from the videos they’ve watched to their browser history to the incoming and outgoing calls they’ve used and the games they’re playing it’s really extensive unfortunately a lot of that functionality you don’t get for free and you do have to pay a monthly fee.

  1. Appzone

Appzone - websootheImage Source: Youtube.

We’ve got up zone one my favorites on the list because essentially without really doing anything you can earn money by using apps and games so depending I suppose on how much the company is getting paid for you using you to the apps you’ll also get paid a certain amount now it’s pretty simple you simply download the applications and it measures the period of time that you engage with them for and the longer you do it the more you get paid and the way you get paid is through in-app credit which can then be spent on Amazon vouchers iTunes Google Play and a whole lot more now it is worth noting that it can take quite a bit of time to start unlocking these rewards but on the flip side there are a lot of popular applications which you can be earning points for so chances are you might even be playing them already so you might as well be earning points.

  1. Screenshot Assistance

Screenshots Assistance - websootheImage Source: Playstore.

Best Utility App and to be honest I’m a little bit annoyed with myself for not finding this guy earlier essentially it allows you to take screenshots by holding down your home button and only that but it gives you a nice little menu so not only is a more convenient way of taking photos but you can instantly crop them download them or share them with somebody else.

  1. SpotOn Alarm

SpotOn Alarm by websootheImage Source: Downloader APK.

So to be honest the last time I shared an alarm application on this video was probably sometime last year but this one is exactly what I’ve been wanting for a really long time it’s called spot on alarm and to begin with it has all the basic features you’d expect you can control vibration which days it comes on and a label for the alarm but the real selling point here is the vibe that it links to Spotify unlike most alarm applications you don’t have to have already physically downloaded the track for it to be able to players and alarm and you can also set different tracks to different times which I thought was really cool right.

  1. FlySo

FlySo - websootheImage Source: Tadawl Academy.

One application that unifies your Twitter your Instagram and your Facebook so without switching between applications facing more loading times you can be automatically logged on and flicking between three different feeds at once it’s pretty convenient to think you don’t quite realize how useful it is until you’re in it.

  1. Zarf

Zarf icon pack - websootheImage Source: Playstore Sale.

This icon pack currently an early access but it is getting updated quite quickly and this has to be one of the most precise most elegant and most refined icon packs I’ve used while the icons don’t necessarily share a consistent shape which is normally the kind of types I go for they just look so polished they’re very colorful they’re really bright and super high resolution the only downside being but right now they just aren’t quite enough icon fare to really make much use of it but it might be worth downloading it.

  1. Wrapup

Wrappup - websootheImage Source: Youtube.

This is kind of like the voice recorder that you probably should have had to begin with so the main feature here is the ability to have highlights so normally when you’re listening to a speech there are probably only a few small sections that you really need to listen to and this will really bring those to life before these sections you can easily skip between them you can add notes for them and you can come back to those specific points at any one time.

  1. lightX

LightX - websoothe Image Source: Photoplay.

LightX which is one photo editing application that fits in the functionality of a Ralph or other one there are so many options here and these are just basic options they span from being able to add simple filters that kind on Instagram and Twitter all the way to being able to manipulate the individual objects you’ve got your standard stuff like your vignette from your shadows but at the same time you can actually manipulate perspective and let the image auto correct itself and it generally looks after post-processing that has originally been taken from that angle super impressive stuff.


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