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10 Coolest Cinemas You Will Want To See A Movie

10 Coolest Cinemas You Will Want To See A Movie


The magic of seeing a moive at cinema has some more faded and that because most of the cinemas out there have nothing special about them about them. You guys that you get your feet get annoyed by some people are talking about or get distracted when somebody’s phone starts ringing but the next one we’re going to talk about well yesterday he was still want to go to the movies are you see them. every single one of these net course cinemas offer you more than a meeting.

They were designed in such a way that you will not only enjoy your movie but you will sit there comfortable while doing it.

So let’s see which are the coolest cinemas you want to see a movie act.

Here are the thing that makes them so special number:

1. The Archipelango Cinema, Kudu Island, Thailand

The Archipelango Cinema, Kudu Island, Thailand - Web Soothe

Thailand this has to be one of our favourite. They build this incredible cinnamon on top of the water. Imagine hanging out with all your friends here with a good movie. Priceless. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain.

2. Cinema Of Water, Paris

Cinema Of Water, Paris - Web Soothe

Figured it’s the Life of PI movie and we think it’s phenomenal idea. Imagine showing your journey with your hero you’re sticking your base pretty cool.

3. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles

Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles - Web Soothe

The architectural design this place is simply BREATHTAKING

4. Hot Tube Cinema, London

Hot Tube Cinema, London - Web Soothe

This is definitely a memorable experience our recommendation is very careful who you bring with you to the movies and take it slow on the shoulder and snacks.

5. Cinema City Jerusalem, Israel

Cinema City Jerusalem, Israel - Web Soothe

This is quite interesting with all the movie stars feeling, it will be kind of hard to pay attention at the movie but still it’s pretty different than your average go to cinema.

6. The Paramount Theatre, Oakland, California

The Paramount Theatre, Oakland, California - Web Soothe

3040 Feet movie theatre???? Isn’t …. YESS

7. Orinda Theatre, California

Orinda Theatre, California - Web Soothe

Usually painted feelings and amazing pattern carpet and a unique design of the things that makes this cinema one of the coolest places to see a movie at.

8. Electric Cinema, Nothing Hills

Electric Cinema, Nothing Hills - Web Soothe

Equipped with leather armchairs with footstools and side tables and located in Nothing Hill, London. This is one of the oldest working cinemas in the country.

9. Olympia Theatre, Greece

Olympia Theatre, Greece - Web Soothe

Sitting in bed watching your favorite movie what could be more comfortable than that depending on the jungle the movie think I hate a weird turn that he was changing sheets

10. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre, Disney's Hollywood Studios - Web Soothe

Movie retro style of this eatery set up like a 50 driving with all American cuisine to match.

If you can take your friends to remove your choice in one of these cinemas which would you pick we really want to hear back from you.






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