All the top Rummy for cash FAQs answered for you!

All the top Rummy for cash FAQs answered for you! – Web Soothe

While the game of Indian Rummy is as old as the hills, the age of online Rummy playing has just about dawned on us. Now, as more and more people are acquainted with the online form of the game, it is important to note that some people have a fair few questions they would like answered. So, we’ve got the answers to all the top Rummy FAQs right here for you!

Rummy for cash FAQs

 Q1. Is playing Rummy for cash legal in India?

A1. Yes, playing Rummy for cash is completely legal in India! Therefore, you can play Rummy legally, safely and securely. The Supreme Court (Under Article 19 [1] (g) of the Constitution) has termed the game of Rummy as a game of skill, as opposed to a game of chance or one that could be considered to be gambling.

Q2. What is the minimum age to play Rummy online?

A2. Players have to be a minimum of 18 years of age, or above to play online Rummy in India.

Q3. What are some of the Rummy games available to play online?

Rummy sites, apps and platforms provide a wide range of Indian Rummy games in addition to regular tournaments as well. These games include:

  • Pools Rummy: 101, 201 & Best of 3
  • Points/ Strikes Rummy: With Joker & Without Joker
  • Deals Rummy: Best of 2 & Best of 6

Q4. Do online Rummy sites provide players with any offers and bonuses?

A.4 The simple answer is a resounding yes! In fact, many platforms offer bonuses and cash back offers when a player registers and makes their first deposit with the site or platform. That aside, the online Rummy sites offer many promotions, offers and bonuses at regular intervals all through the year. So players can take advantage of these promotions and offers to play more and win more.

Q5. What happens if a player loses internet connectivity while playing the game?

A5. The loss of internet connectivity or simply intermittent internet connectivity is a common and persistent problem in India. However, players on a few platforms such as Rummy Central need not worry at all, because in these situations, the system will take over the game temporarily (auto-play mode) and play the game on the player’s behalf. Of course, the player can assume control once his or her internet connectivity is restored. However, please do check if the platforms you choose to play on offer this feature.

 Q6. Are there any Rummy apps available for smartphones and tablets?

A6. These days online Rummy isn’t only limited to laptops and desktops. Now, players can simply download Rummy apps onto their smartphones and tablets, and take the game with them everywhere they go. Players can download these apps by visiting the Rummy websites or by visiting the Google Play Store for Android devices and following the procedures on the website for iOS devices.


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