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Hey how’s it going – a most amazing house Tanner’s welcome back I’m Landon and I’m so glad to be back and you guys make this whole thing great so this right here is the top 10 best TV shows and yes I’m gonna include TV shows on Netflix so let me ask you guys what is your favorite TV show what is your favorite thing to watch on Netflix so let’s get right into this list.


10. The Big Bang Theory

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Starting in at number 10 we’re talking about the Big Bang Theory this is a show trainer by Chuck Lorre and Bill Friday back 2007 the original network is on CBC and it is still running it’s so funny curly there are 12 seasons Big Bang Theory has become one of the funniest hit comes on TV right now it’s starring Johnny Galecki Jim Parsons Kaley Cuoco Simon Helberg and of course we can’t forget about Kunal Nayyar who I think is personally the funniest person well except for Jim Parsons that guy is just he’s like that in real life sort of okay so from comedy.

09. Grey’s Anatomy

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Let’s get serious with drama and I’m talking about Grey’s Anatomy in at number nine they shall have a huge cast with a lot of buffs a lot of down moments inserted back 2005 and it’s still airing new episodes I can’t wait for the next one to come on TV because I’m currently watching it the current season playing right now is season 12 making it one of the longest drama TV show still running Denzel Washington actually helped Iraq the newest episode that came out on February 11th their show has a lot of unexpected death one of the most watched episodes was Derek dying a few seasons ago and hopefully I didn’t spoil that for you guys but wait he passed away a few seasons ago which means if you guys are true fans you wouldn’t be behind by two fragrant seasons so get caught up you but it was a heartbreaking moment and I kept viewers watching for many seasons to come.

08. The X-files

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The X-files that’s been running for about ten years well now they actually have a reboot this comes into number eight the x-files an American science fiction drama television series created by Chris Carter it first aired back in 1993 and then last episodes 2002 on Fox this series revolves around FBI special agent Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who’s investigating x-files which is unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena so the show takes place in LA what else films in Vancouver the new season just came out on January 24th of this year and it’s not being called season 10 this is a reboot it’s just being called x-files miniseries.

07. Breaking Bad

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Okay so let’s break into number seven we’re talking about Breaking Bad might have been like many break-ins but this show is not known for life jailbreaks or something like that it’s mostly revolved around drugs which makes it so good I don’t know why so it was created by the one and only Vince Gilligan he cast Bryan Cranston and a gun Aaron Paul Dean Norris Betsy Brandt and that’s just to name a few awesome people this is an American crime drama TV series it told the story of Walter White the main character who is a struggling high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with an inoperable lung cancer who together with his former student Jesse Pinkman turns into a life of crime producing and selling crystallized methamphetamine and this is to secure his family’s financial future and for Jesse Pinkman I guess he just wants a crap ton of money so the show ends in 2013 there’s a lot of time people including myself but it was so successful that Vince Gilligan was actually offered 1 million dollars for every new episode that he would create to continue on the series but he said no to that.

06. Seinfeld

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I felt this ran from 1989 to 1999 which was for about nine seasons Jerry Seinfeld Julia Louis-Dreyfus Michael Richards and Jason Alexander played in all 172 episodes a quick trivia about the show did you guys notice that at the beginning of the seasons the numbers of like Jerry’s house it would always change there were no set numbers and it confused a lot of audiences it’s like if this guy keeps moving or what’s going on here well eventually it became permanent.

05. The Walking Dead

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Okay so it’s time to run in at number five because there’s freaking zombie chasing us right now you’re not talking about The Walking Dead let’s get out of here so this is a still ongoing show it’s been right since 2010 I still can’t believe that it’s been running for six years I still remember season one this is a horror drama that keeps people on the edge of their seats because a lot of people on the show can die it could be anyone well except for Rick the main character I don’t think he’s everything killed off or is he I mean we’ve already had a lot of big losses the main character is Rick Grimes who awakens from a four-month long coma to confront a post-apocalyptic world overran by zombies he reaches his family and becomes the leader of many different groups he does have a core group but he keeps meeting other groups as well currently the Walking Dead is on it season six that started in October of last year and the finale is soon coming up April 3rd executive producers are confident that they’re gonna have enough material to create a season you know 11 or possibly even season 12 but let’s not jump too far ahead of ourselves because Rick might die which might end the show so let’s just see but I would love a season 12

04. Game of Thrones

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Ok so the next row I’m talking about has many many characters which is probably one reason or many reasons why I haven’t started watching it yet and I know you guys are gonna be like oh my god landed I can’t believe you haven’t watched this next show wait a minute can’t even tell see what are we talking about Shane and a number four you guys probably guessed it feel I said a lot of characters you guys put it together in your heads I’m talking about Game of Thrones this is a fantasy drama series created by showrunners David Banner and DB Weiss no not DB Cooper this is a show from the fantasy novel so first of which is titled a game of Thrones there have been so many deaths on the shoulders too many to count but there’s actually death counters all over the internet season four that just passed had over a hundred and eighty-two people dying off I mean 182 people I came in remember like a cast of like just five getting their names right and who their friends are never mind there’s many people dying I probably watched the show and it was like okay who died like don’t even know the relationship and everyone else is like crying pieces it was like someone big you know nothing Jon Snow but in this show everyone just seems to be big and there just seems to be more and more deaths because season 1 only had 58 deaths.

03. Friends

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We not include friends on this list and I’m not talking about like your friends my friends I’m talking about the TV show friends and this comes in to number three this show became a pop culture running for ten seasons and 236 episodes and they have an all-star cast that we all love they make us laugh so many friends was created by David Crane and Martha Kaufman which originally aired on NBC from September 22nd, 1994 I know just a few years ago and it ran for about ten years to 2004 the original contracts for the cast members was about twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars per episode buh-bye season three each of the actors because they became so big and so popular on and in the show they were paid $75,000 an episode which is an increase of like three times and at one point they became the highest-paid actor / actresses making 1 million dollars per episode this made Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox the highest paid TV actresses of all time you guys should check that is okay so we’ve been talking about TV shows but this is one that’s exclusively on Netflix and I might have spoiled it but you guys already know what I’m talking about I’m talking about the show making a murderer and this made its way.

02. Making a Murderer

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There’s a lot of confusion of this show but this is an American web television series that first streamed on Netflix on December 18 2015 also making it one of the most recent TV shows on this list this is a real-life documentary of the life of Steven Avery who is from Manitowoc County in Wisconsin he served 18 years in prison for the sexual assault and attempted murder of penny Bernstein but he was exonerated and three from any wrongdoing this happened when new DNA evidence came forth and also with her more advanced technologies investigators found out Steven Avery was the wrong guy after two years of being released he was sent back to prison for life with his nephew for the murder of Teresa Halbach and it kind of looks like he was set up again from the original people that had him convicted falsely for 18 years so now moving into today he’s been away for 28 years potentially innocent from like murder from rape these are the worst convictions and he hasn’t even done it well the first crime for sure it’s confirmed he hasn’t done it the second crime in which he’s in prison for life for we still don’t know and on that note we’re hoping for a new season to come out because we need answers.

01. I Love Lucy

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This is the greatest show ever it was so funny this show ran from 1951 to 1957 this has been one of the funniest TV shows in history starring Lucille Ball at this time it the most view TV show in history the show broke a lot of barriers back in the 50s you are not allowed to be pregnant on a TV show but they made an episode called having a baby this stirred up a lot of controversies saying that why is this woman pregnant on TV but this broke the barrier carve the way for future TV shows and also this is one of the few TV shows that started in black and white and turn to color when technology came out well There you guys have it that was a top 10 best TV shows on TV slash Netflix because we had to make a murder on this list how can you not include them thank you so much watching.

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