Best Backdrops for a Pre-wedding Photoshoot

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Pre-wedding shoots are an essential requirement to every wedding being planned. Whether you plan on a grand wedding with hundreds of guests invited or a small ceremony with your closest family and friends, keep a few days reserved for a lovely photoshoot with your significant other. If you’re wondering which backdrops you should opt for during your shoot, choose pre-wedding photographers in Mumbai who specialise in photography with the below possibilities:

Beside a lake: There is no denying how photogenic places beside a lake can be. If there is a lake around you that you know of, that is one place you should definitely consider for a pre-wedding candid photoshoot. The serene waters are a perfect backdrop with the colours of the clear waters and the sky offering a beautiful blend. Get some reflection shots taken to while you’re at the lake.

Venue for your favourite hobbies: Love sports? If you both do, why not get a lovely pre-wedding photoshoot done at a football ground, or a tennis court with your favourite props to hold. You can even get a little goofy and so a few funny poses like chasing one another with a tennis bat or something equally hilarious. If you are known for your amazing sense of humour, you may as well use it to your advantage. If not sports, you can always go for a restaurant/food-themed photoshoot if you are both foodies. No matter what your hobby, include that in your photoshoot for a personalised touch.

Green landscapes: If you like simplicity, heading to beautiful green landscape for your photoshoot is certainly not a bad idea. You can always play safe with a scenic view as the backdrop to your pre-wedding shoot that no photographer can go wrong with. While most pre-wedding photographers in Mumbai are capable of doing a brilliant job with creative photoshoots, if you are short on time and are sceptical, stick to the usual with a few personal touches here and there.

At the end of the day, whatever you choose for your pre-wedding photoshoot, make sure it makes you happy more than trying to fit the standards of society.

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