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Exposure to the sun’s rays, inadequate sleep, pollution, make-up and long hours of work and partying can leave your skin looking dull, tired and screaming for attention. Daily skin care is essential for healthy glowing skin, lifelong.

7 Essential Skin Care Products

A visit to the drugstore might have left you overwhelmed with shelves loaded with skin care and cosmetic products,  row after row, ranging from serums, masks and peels to vitamin capsules and whatnot! This convenience of a host of products might make it all the more confusing, what to buy or what not to! Here is a list of best skin care products for you and how to choose them.

1. Cleansers – Calling it a night in that party makeup can clog your pores. Dirt clogged pores speed up skin ageing and cause breakouts. Cleansing is highly essential for healthy skin routine. Splash some lukewarm water and rub your face with a few droplets of cleanser. Wash your face clean. Mild gel based cleansers that keep the skin’s pH balanced followed up with an alcohol-free toner is recommended for oily skin. Harsh cleansers can cause an oiliness rebound making it worse. Cream based cleansers are recommended for dry skin. Also, it is essential to remove your eye makeup with a good make-up remover before hitting the bed.

2. Exfoliators – Exfoliators or scrubs open clog pore driving away old skin cells. Scrubs with natural fruits extracts are hot picks. Scrubs with micro beads can be scratchy and might do more harm than any good. Exfoliate twice a week if you have normal to dry skin and four, if oily.

3. Moisturizer – Oily skin is no excuse for not applying a moisturiser. Non-greasy water based moisturizers are recommended for oily skin. Apply once a day. For dry skin, apply two to three times, as per need. A moisturizer is a must among the best skin care products.

4. Serums – Serums penetrate deep into the skin, replenishing it with moisture and nutrients. Use a serum according to your need, be it acne, ant-ageing or skin brightening. Use a serum before applying a moisturizer.

5. Eye- Cream – Use an eye cream to treat dark puffy eyes. Apply an eye-cream along the ocular bone and the outer edges of the eye. Gel based eye creams are preferred for oily skin, while a creamy consistency is good for dry skin. Look for an eye cream with vitamin K to treat dark circles. Apply the cream before you apply a moisturizer.

6. Masks – Try a peel off mask that to get glowing hydrated skin. A mask gives you a spa treatment in no time.

7. Sunscreen – Block the sun and protect your skin from pigmentation. Apply a sunscreen 30 minutes before going out in the sun. Choose it according to your skin type.

Get your skin analysed from a dermatologist to know your skin type and fill your skin care kit with the best skin care products.



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