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Common Mistakes in Referring to Study Material


Preparing for NEET examinations can be pretty difficult. The fear of not being able to clear it makes students resort to a number of study methods that can prove to be their greatest mistakes. Here are some of these common mistakes students make where study materials are concerned:

Using excessive study materials

The pressure of wanting to do the best in NEET makes many students think that the more they refer to various study materials, the better their chance. The fear of missing out on studying vital points make them go through as many variations of study materials as possible which can only lead to confusion. This is a vital mistake that many make. Sticking to a single option is your best bet at clearing these exams.

Not Enough Practice

Not practicing enough while studying is another mistake that must be avoided at all costs. Remember that while memorising the formulae is certainly crucial, you cannot possibly solve sums without having practiced it. An hour of practice every day is the barest minimum effort that you need to put in. This applies not only to sums but also to general answers where you can ensure time management and speed up your writing.

Relying only on previous question papers

Another grave mistake students make today is relying solely on previous question paper. Yes, they do help significantly. However, it is best to clear all your concepts from the base rather than memorise the answers to all the possible questions that can be asked. So, while you certainly need to go through the question papers of the previous years, you also need to make sure that you go through every chapter or topic and understand their basic pointers to be able to explain concepts if necessary.

Not making self notes

A good way of remembering things while studying for your NEETs is making self-notes. This way, you can highlight for yourselves the pointers that are necessary and revise easily before your exams are due. You certainly wouldn’t have to panic at the last minute to find the important points once you highlight them during your study sessions.

If you are unsure of doing it by yourself, you can always opt for NEET coaching in Delhi to help you prepare for the examination.

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Time Management Tips To Prepare For IIT JEE

IIT coaching kota

Time is the most crucial factor when it comes to preparing for IIT JEE. Rightly labelled as one of the most competitive exams, IIT JEE requires strategic planning and preparation. Centres for IIT coaching in Kota are reliable for preparation. Students need to plan in advance to appear for this exam. Most students only focus on the number of hours they sit with a book which is futile. It is necessary to concentrate on smart learning. The syllabus of IIT JEE is vast and it is not possible to study the concepts instantly. Before appearing for IIT JEE students need to be thorough with their basic concepts. Preparing for IIT JEE can get brain-draining if not planned right. Moreover, consistency is the key to crack this exam with flying colors! Selecting the right IIT coaching centre is also essential for smooth preparation. Make sure you check the faculty of the coaching centre and their study material before selecting. Here are some time management tips to prepare for IIT JEE.

Organize your syllabus

Before jumping straight to the deadlines it is essential to first know how vast the syllabus is. Organize your syllabus and you will have a basic time frame in your mind about its completion. Additionally, it is best to keep some bandwidth for revision and paper solving sessions.

Focus on the difficult concepts first

Difficult concepts are bound to take time and therefore, one must give them more time at the initial stage. See to it that you clear your basics first and then jump to complicated topics. Moreover, you should have a timetable prepared for your daily study schedule well in advance.

Keep a track of what you have studied

Apart from planning your study schedule, it is also necessary to keep some time aside for tracking your studies. Make sure to keep a weekly track of your syllabus completion. This will help you know your speed of syllabus completion.

Centres for IIT coaching in Kota are excellent for IIT JEE preparation.

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