The automobile market in Saudi Arabia saw a good year through 2013, witnessing record sales of 773,254 vehicles, according to Focus2Move. Vehicle sales in the region have been seeing a steady double digit increase since. Moreover, the article also stated that of the total sales, 203,000 were light weight commercial vehicles, such as vans and pickup trucks. This unsettles some of the stereotypes about the Saudi Arabian automobile market, which was regarded as the one that is big on supercars and the luxury range. However, with a rising middle class with more disposable income and big families, the demand for utility vehicles is also rising. If you are looking to add to the rows of vans in Riyadh with one of your own, here are a few things to consider.

Why Vans in Riyadh are a Good Idea

Safety: As of 2014, a person dies every minute on Saudi Arabian roads, reported The National, UAE. The country is so infamous for its traffic incidents that safety is definitely a serious consideration when purchasing a vehicle and putting oneself and one’s loved ones amidst the madness. In this regard, it would seem like a great idea to go for a van with a sturdy build that will take the brunt of collision, in an unfortunate event. Choose one that will also give you protection from the extreme heat and the arid weather as well. Radiators tend to overheat easily, so opt for a van that gives you access to it so you can blow it out with a compressor, keeping your engine cool and functioning.

Parking: The lack of parking space is also a significant contributor to the frustration that driving on the Saudi roads can cause. And if you are in a big city and like to frequent the popular restaurants and shopping centres, you will find that it is much more convenient to negotiate space in a 4×4 that can jump the curb and fit in. This is also one of the factors why there are so many vans in Riyadh.

Purpose: This is of course the most logical consideration. The kind of van you choose would depend on where you plan to take it. If you are looking for a 4WD that you can also take into the desert often, you should check for the suspension. Live axel suspension would be ideal for this, since it provides the best ground clearance and is more robust. If you wish to have one that is capable of tackling both city traffic and off-roading, you could opt for a Front Independent Suspension van.

Resale Value: There is a thriving second hand automobile market in Saudi Arabia and you should consider both aspects of participating in it. While you may get a good deal for a mini-van in the used cars section of the car souks, you should also keep in mind what you may be able to sell your first-hand van for. Consider the availability of spare parts when buying an imported car and keep in mind that if you maintain your van well, it is not unheard of to make a profit on a used car in Saudi Arabia.



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