Exclusive 9 Ethnic Indian Dresses For Women

Ethnic Indian Dresses For Women


India is comprised of several states and there are different communities of people who are residing in these states. There are several variations in the tradition and the culture of these varied communities. Even the dressing patterns are unique. Have a look at 9 traditional outfits of Indian women in some of the different states of India which are unique in their own styles.

Maharashtra: The traditional dress of the Marathi women is a 9 yard saree which is a saree along with a choli. There are other costumes also worn on different occasions.

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Tamil Nadu: The Kanchipuram saree is the traditional wear of the ladies of Tamil Nadu. These are heavy materials and have a long pallu. The sarees are 5 to 6 yards in the measurement of length. It has a rich embroidery work.

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Kashmir: The conventional dress of Kashmir is the ‘Pheran’. It comprises of a long shirt which has loose fittings. It is more than knee length. It is worn with a turban of white color which is fastened onto a skull cap. Loose trousers and shoes without lace are worn along with this. You can order these Indian clothes online if you would like to.

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Rajasthan: The traditional dress of Rajasthan is a bright and lively dress. It is called as Ghaghra and choli. It is worn with an odhani. The ghagras are more than ankle length. It is narrower towards the waist with an increasing flare towards the bottom.

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Assam: The ethnic wear of Assamese women is the Mekhla chador. It is comprised of 2 pieces. The lower portion is called the mekhla and chador is the upper portion.

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Haryana: Damaan and Kurti are the traditional outfits of the women of Haryana. It comprises of a skirt of ankle length and a shirt as long as the waist. The Chunder(cloth covering) is used over the head.

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Gujarat: The Gujarati ladies wear the Chaniya-a bright petticoat with embroidery with an equally embroidered blouse called the polku. It is used along with an odhani for head and body cover.

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Punjab: Phulkaris are the traditional costumes of Punjab. The ladies wear phullkaris that have attractive designs with hand embroideries.

Punjab Dress at Nihal Fashions - Web SootheKerala: Kerala women wear the traditional mundum neriyathum. You can place your orders for these South Indian clothes online to be delivered at your home. They are also called the Kerala saree.

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All of them are different have their special appeals.






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