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There is no saying when an injury or illness will strike your or your family. You might be having a fun day on a family picnic when your child comes to you crying over a scraped knee. Or you may suffer a bee sting in your lunch hour. While you cannot look out for possible situations for sustaining injuries, it will hold you in good stead to have a fully stocked first aid kit handy.

Your home, car and office must have a sturdy first aid box that holds medicines within their expiration date, bandages, tourniquets, adhesive tapes, antibacterial skin cleaning solutions, wipes, thermometer, ointments, antiseptic wash cloths and a mild soap. If you or a family member suffers from respiratory disorders or allergies, it is better to keep an asthma nasal spray in there as well.

How to fill a First Aid box ?

* Tape home, office, emergency contact and doctor’s phone numbers on the inside of the box’s lid.

* Check expiration dates of all the tablets, ointments, sprays and wipes before placing them in the box. Check these dates regularly – it will not do to use expired meds in an emergency!

* Keep a small flashlight inside the box. This will be useful if you need to use the box during a power outage or on an overnight picnic.

* The box should be broken into compartments: one for tablets and pill bottles, another for bandages and band aids, another for thermometer, small pen knife, scissors and safety pins, and so on.

* The family members should be aware of the location of the kit at home and in your car, but the box should be kept away from the reach of children and pets.

Using a First Aid box

* At times of injury, do not panic. Assess the extent and nature of the injury before you proceed with first aid.

* You can easily tend to cuts and scrapes yourself. Wash the area with plain water and dab antiseptic liquid on it. All mud and dirt should be cleaned away before you apply a band aid to the skin. If the cut is deep and the bleeding shows no signs of stopping, strap on a bandage to the area and head to the emergency room.

* If you or a family member sustains a fracture, tie the broken body part gently to secure it before heading to the doctor for a cast.

* A good idea is to have a mini first aid kit in your child’s bag. Fill it with a packet of antiseptic wipes, a small bottle of skin cleaning liquid and easy to use band aids.

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