How to Choose the Right Skin Care Products?



We are bombarded with advertisements for skin care products and make-up products on a daily basis. Using pretty models with perfect skin, product companies sell the promise of beautiful skin for every woman. It is easy to be tempted by these images – after all, who doesn’t want luminous skin that is ageless and pristine?

But the decision to try a certain product must be taken with caution. Each person’s skin is different, and what works for one woman may not work on another. The best skin care products are those that understand the science behind the right skin care, and which respond to your skin’s needs accordingly. It is always prudent to take the advice of your dermatologist before trying a new skin care product. But if you are confident about buying a new product, there are a few points to bear in mind:

1. Skin type:

Know which category your skin falls under. Your skin can be normal, dry, oily or combination type. Knowing this is key to picking the best skin care products. The product bottle or tube will have a clear indication of the skin type that can use it.

2. Skin Peculiarities:

Examine the problems your skin has. It could get tanned easily despite the use of sunscreen lotion, or it could be extremely sensitive to even mild sunshine. If your skin burns easily, you must use any new skin care product only on the advice of your doctor.

3. Product Composition:

The chemical composition of skin care products can confuse you, so it is better to take expert guidance before purchasing it. Be cognisant of the specific chemicals and compounds that trigger allergies, rashes or acne breakouts.

4. Product Type:

The products you absolutely need are cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen (this last must have SPF 30 and above). Choose these as per your skin type. Next, you might require specific products for certain problems such as aging skin, blemishes, oil control, etc. You can also pick up skin masks and peels depending on your requirement.

5. Your Lifestyle

The best skin care products will fall to the wayside if your lifestyle is unhealthy. Skin care products cannot work if your skin does not receive essential hydration, nutrition and rest. Smoking, alcohol and substance abuse will destroy the skin’s cellular structure over time. Ditto for lack of sleep, food lacking in nutrients and prolonged exposure to sunlight without sunscreen protection. You must correct these faults first to let your skin heal. Meanwhile, you can aid your skin’s restoration process with the right skin care products.


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