How Internet Banking Can Save Time ?

How Internet Banking Can Save Time ?


Are you putting off buying an insurance plan because of the hassle of running to the insurance company time and again? Do you take a leave especially for banking transactions and bill payments? No more! With online banking coming of age, managing your money was never this easy.

Bank Online: To Do More than Just Banking

Online banking is cost effective and time saving. Bank online to manage all your accounts at a single click. Here’s a look at the various services you can opt for when you bank online:

1. Online Transactions:


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Send money miles away with just a click. Not only does it save you time, this is also a great way to transfer money at the time of a grave emergency.

2. Bank Statement:

Just log in to your account and check your statement at anytime, and from anywhere. You can also get an e-statement directly in your inbox.

3. Pay Utility Bills:

Yes this is true. You can now pay utility bills, such as electricity, gas and even insurance premiums, directly through your account.

4. Open a Fixed Deposit:

You can easily open a fixed deposit account through net banking. The bank already has your personal and identity details so you need not run to a branch to open an FD. Save your money as well as save time efficiently.

5. Get Insured :

Bank online to get insured in minutes. Many banks also provide insurance solutions, apart from banking services. Buying insurance online is a big blessing in disguise. You can search through various policies, read customer reviews, calculate your premium and receive advice instantly through online chat. You also save on the commission you would otherwise have to give to the agent.

6. Investment :

You can also invest in various investment options, such as mutual funds, through your account. All you need to do is upload you KYC documents and you are good to go.

7. Shop Online :

Shop hassle free online through net banking. You are straight away direct your bank’s website from the payment gateway to complete the transaction.

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Online banking is highly recommended for business houses, as it minimizes the risk that comes along while doing business through cheques and drafts. Also, it is quick and you can easily view your transactions at anytime. Just a little bit of care can also make the option of banking online safe from identity thefts, emails asking your account details, phishing threats, etc. Moreover, your bank may charge less for the services rendered if you opt for online banking.






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