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As a bride, your attire and makeup are bound to be minutely scrutinized in great detail by friends and family alike. And with professional wedding photographers capturing your every move, looking is your best on your big day should definitely be your top priority. While you can hire the best artist for bridal makeup in Mumbai to get you ready for the greatest day of your life, here are a few things you must keep in mind:

Choose your look wisely: No matter how desperately you wish to resemble your favourite actress on your wedding day, remember to consider the weather. If you know the heat would get to you, choose a look that can withstand all the heat and allow you to look the beautiful bride that you are rather than having all of your makeup melt off, leaving you a mess. Your skin type and complexion play an equal role in helping you make the right choice.

Try a makeup rehearsal: If you are planning to experiment with your look for your wedding, make sure you do a rehearsal prior to your wedding to avoid being disappointed throughout the ceremony if it doesn’t quite work out the way you imagined. Work with your makeup artist to recreate a look that suits you as well as your outfit for the big day to understand what the perfect bridal look would be for you. This would certainly help you save time and avoid any fiascos on the day of your wedding.

Don’t underestimate the heat: You may have decided to hold your wedding in the cooler months of the year or even a cooler place for that matter. However, it would be wise to remember the amount of heat that would be concentrated on you during photoshoot and filming of the wedding video, leaving you sweating profusely. Ensure to take the necessary precautions by using waterproof makeup and other essentials that could help keep your makeup up for long despite the weather conditions or circumstances.

Now that you know what to keep in mind, make sure to find the best artist for bridal makeup in Mumbai to work with you for the grand occasion.

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