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Companies engaged in the sale of products and services become aware of its existing as well as projected consumers only through market research. Not only this, the market research companies end up using market research to even become aware of the company’s reputation in the market, about the reputation of the brand name in the market including other aspects of the organization.

The industry overview services are one aspect of market research in the entire business planning process undertaken by an organization. Usually, companies undertake industry overview services to solve the following challenges:

  • Market segmentation
  • Identifying of specific groups in the market.
  • Product identification
  • Development of identity of a specific product or service to differentiate it from that of the competitors

Industry overview services involve assimilation of record, tabulate and other data and present the requisite information on public opinion as well as marketing. The industry overview services provided by market research companies usually involve information about the following:

  • Statistical and sampling services
  • Rating services of broadcast media
  • Service of market research analysis
  • Political polling results

The industry overview services provided by market research companies are usually carried on through telephone, email, and social media as well as through the conduct of face to face interview. Most big organizations have their own internal market research department. The last few decades have seen tremendous growth in the market research Industry and with better and new innovations; the growth is likely to even increase more in the future.

The industry overview services provided by a market research company reviews the size as well as the overall performance of the market research industry. The industry overview services offered by a market research firm help an organization to understand how the market research keeps expanding on the basis of the data or information collected by the National Research Associations, other leading as well as competitive companies, from the information obtained by the surveys conducted by independent analysts and other research representatives.

The industry overview report provided by the market research company acts a point of reference for consideration by business organizations for all their plans of business investment, for decisions about growth opportunities including merger as well as acquisition, for undertaking research projects and advertisements.

The advantages of the industry overview services provided by market research companies for organizations involve the following:

  • Assimilation of market size data
  • Presentation of market size and growth statistics both at regional and global level.
  • Provides simple country assessment by providing an overview of inter as well as analytical multi-country research split thus making comparisons easier.
  • Provides a detailed report on regional and global spending.

The industry overview services provided by market research companies are usually used by organizations as a reference to increasing their market research turn over and growth information. The forecast of the market research industry for the future involves greater use of social media that is likely to revolutionize the way research is likely to get conducted from traditional to new and creative methods.


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