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The marketing tool for online review is vital for boosting a company’s online status. As customer building skills is essential to the success of any business research service India, an organization needs to pay more attention to developing better online reviews.

On the reports of a survey conducted with respect to online reviews, it was found that nearly ¾ of consumers rely on online reviews before taking the decision to buy a specific product or service. Many even said that the reviews on the social media affected their purchasing decision. The best part was that a lot of customers reviewed the same voice saying that the online reviews given by other consumers tend to exert more influence on the purchases than the opinion provided by experts.

With the internet and other social media communications having captured the scene, the way in which products and services reach consumers has undergone a sea of change. With more and more websites gaining a lot of popularity in a short span of time, it becomes all the more important for companies to constantly view, watch and devise newer online strategies to manage customer reviews.

Based on many studies conducted by available data, few tips have been given below as a reference for developing better and result oriented online reviews:

  1. Requesting Satisfied and happy consumers to offer reviews

There is no greater power to expand a business than the already prevailing consumers. They are the best brand ambassadors for any company. Requesting the existing consumers to give feedback is the best strategy any company can adopt. Care needs have to exercise with respect to the timing of online reviews. Asking for review once the job gets done is always best.

  1. Seize or capture any kind of negative feedback and act on them before the reviews goes online

No other strategy of online review is considered best to tackle the complaint process than the capture of negative feedback as it directly impacts the online reputation. Any kind of negative comment online provided by an unhappy customer is enough to alert other consumers and trigger a similar response. Hence it is prudent to discuss and manage the consumer grievance before it reaches online.

  1. Do not ignore negative online reviews if any and address them immediately

Any firm or organization should always be open to any kind of negative reviews posted online by an unhappy consumer as it is very difficult to please all the consumers all the time. The best way to manage the same is by attending to the issue immediately and resolving it to the best possible extent. By undertaking the step to respond to negative reviews in a professional way, an organization can cut the damage and impact occurring on account of a negative review.

Customer feedback acts like a two-edged sword for a company. On one hand, by assimilating consumer feedback, a company can get an idea about those consumers who are unhappy with the company’s services. On the other hand, by taking action, a company can not only satisfy the unhappy consumer but even make him or she feel important along with improving the company’s services. All it requires on the part of the company is to stay active and alert all the time to detect problem areas.

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