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Be Smart and Stay In Pune : Give Shape To Your Dream Home

Be Smart and Stay In Pune : Give Shape To Your Dream Home

You are an IT professional. You still have a long way to go. Since you are serving a Pune-based company, you do have valid reasons to invest in a 10 to 15 lakh flat in Pune. More and more developers are investing in the proverbially popular the ‘Queen Of Deccan.’  It is important that you are well aware of the factors that have accounted for the strategic popularity of Pune. The latter has been fast emerging as an IT hub. The IT companies are found booming with youngsters. As a young and budding professional, who has just gotten off to a start, you will not like investing in a premium option.

Things to note about Undri

Instead, your focus will be on finding an affordable housing option that is well connected with your workplace. The promoters are cashing in on the sentiment of the budding professionals and technocrats. So, finding a budgetary solution in the shape of a 10 to 15 lakh flat in Pune is not a big deal. In the recent years, Undri, which lies in the proximity of the major IT companies, has been fulfilling the needs of the aspiring buyers and young professionals. The fact that the location gives you easy access to the centrally located business corridor also proves to be advantageous. The infrastructural facilities up here are excellent. Both the social, as well as, the commercial infrastructure the locality is well developed.

One of the sought after locations

Another locality that has been undergoing extensive development is Lohegaon. Up here, you will find flats in the range of ten to fifteen lakh. The locality is just one-hundred and sixty-two kilometers away from Mumbai. Moreover, since it is in the proximity of the railway station, you will have an easy time connecting with your office. You will also like to note in this context that Lohegaon houses the most ancient Air Force base. The developers offering 10 to 15 lakh flat in Pune happen to be the prominent players in the region’s real estate market. So, you can look forward to getting the best package that is architecturally sound, cost-effective and eco- friendly.

Avail of excellent facilities

Most young investors prefer areas that have good shopping malls, recreational centers, bank branches and healthcare centers. Lohegaon not only provides you with excellent transportation and commutation facilities but also connects you to malls, eateries, shopping and the other forms of utility care centers. The flats that are coming up are equipped with clubhouse, gymnasium, swimming pools and the rainwater harvesting facilities. So, now you know how you can give shape to your dream and pursue your career from Pune, with a long-term focus.

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