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There are some of the weirdest things that are associated with Halloween. It is seen that wearing costumes which are spooky and fun making are rampant. Halloween celebration had started a few centuries back. Here are some unknown facts about this strange festival.

1. The inspiration of Halloween has been derived from the Celtic festival of Samhain in Ireland. It is celebrated to mark the close of harvest season. Many of the Irish people had fled from their country during potato famine and caused it to spread in other regions.

2. The shades of black and orange depict the Halloween colors as per tradition. Orange is symbolic of the end of harvest and black is symbolic of death or summer end.

3. Trick-or-treating has originated from the belief that there are chances that ghosts take up the human form and come knocking on the doors asking for food and money. If they are not given, the ghost may curse the person or come back to haunt.

4. Just like many of the traditions of Halloween, the origination of jack-o’-lanterns happened in Ireland. Candles were placed in the hollowed turnips to keep the spirits and the ghosts away during Samhain.

5. A per belief, a farmer had played a trick with the devil and was not getting a place in either heaven or hell. He carved a lantern from a turnip and this helped his soul to find the right path. Such jack-o’-lanterns help in scaring away the ghosts.

6. It is believed that the dead and the living could communicate on the day of Halloween as the curtain between the two would thin on this day. The dead start walking with the living and it becomes difficult to identify them. Humans protect themselves by wearing these masks as they believe that then the spirits may not find them.

7. There has been an association of the broomstick with the witches. It is generally the old women who were thought to practice witchcraft. As they were generally poor, they had no other means to travel but to walk. They used walking sticks or broom stocks to help them walk.

8. The black cats are believed to be ominous. They are supposed to lend the supernatural power to the witches.

9. Harry Houdini who was a famous magician and known for his mysterious acts died on the Halloween night. He was suffering from an attack and had appendicitis which had developed after this.

10. Hallowen is just behind Christmas as a commercial holiday. A huge spend is done during the celebration of Halloween.

11. Halloween is called by varied names such as All Hallows’ Eve, Witches Night, Lamswool Snap-Apple Night, Samhaim and Summer’s End.




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