Things that people indulge on social media but cannot materialize them in real life

Things that people indulge on social media but cannot materialize them in real life – Web Soothe


For the last 2 decades mobile devices, the Internet and social media have made a great impact on our lifestyle. These have changed our behaviour, communication patterns and created so many distractions that it is hard to maintain a stable balance.

Today we can stay connected 24/7 and communicate non-stop at any time and from any location. The made-up talk is just like a colour-brush of a model that helps her in acquiring a cute painted look. There is nothing real. The social media is changing our behaviour, projecting our un-true self.

Below given is a list of things that you can do on a social network site but cannot dare to act in real life.

1.  Friendship invitations

Friendship invitations - web soothe

Social media plays an important role in interacting with your existing friends and connecting you to new friends too. In real life you do not see people requesting strangers for friendship on the roads or at the playgrounds. This behaviour is observed only on the web. Here, a male can impersonify himself to be a female and strike friendship with another female. This at times can be deceiving. For the parents of teenagers this is a matter of grave concern.

2. Invitation for a game of ‘candy crush’

Annoying Candy request - Web Soothe

You may find yourself annoyed by the constant requests flooded from your so-called friends. There must be at least one friend who unnecessarily invites you to a game of ‘Candy Crush Saga.’ In real life, nobody will walk up to you with such a weird request, which is just too ‘uncool.’ However, to save yourself from this constant bombardment, block the friend from sending you the request.

3. Online stalking

stalking - web soothe

In real life you do not pry into a person’s personal life or do a bit of stalking like following your crush or keeping an eye on your ‘over friendly’ boyfriend. These acts may sound a bit insane!

Many pre-teens and teens take part in online networking to be in touch with their family and friends. If used wisely, these sites are enjoyable, but sharing too many personal details can pose a menace to your personal safety. Photos and posts can draw undue attention from fanatics and cause stalking.

4. Blocking pestering people

Blocking on social meida - web soothe

Blocking people on social networking sites is nothing strange. You can easily save yourself from embarrassment and humiliation by just clicking the ‘block’ tab. Wish we all had this option in real life too!

5. Leaving comments

commenting - web soothe

Leaving bold comments for the post on social media is easy. You can give frank view, which is just impossible to give it to people face-to-face.

6. Annoying hashtags

Hashtags - web soothe

Usage of hashtags like, “#OMG, what a place!  #Friends # Party #Cutie #Dance, etc.” are often seen while chatting on social media. It is really annoying. It is a relief to think that people in real life cannot speak using hashtags. If they did, please stay away from them.

We are all thankful to the social media for having brought friends into our life. But in comparison to ourflesh-and-blood friends, we know nothing about our online pals. If you think that you can trust that ‘someone’, and reveal your secrets, that is not the social media’s fault, but your very own.





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