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Top 10 Best Android Apps – November 2017

Welcome to some of the best Android applications of not only this month but also the entire 2017

  1. Air consoleAir Console - Websoothe

Long story short it turns your Mac or PC into a fully-fledged gaming console that you can then control with your smartphones and I suppose the best bit here is that because it’s all powered by the web you don’t need a super powerful laptop or computer just a fairly decent internet connection as soon as you paired your smartphone through it you can start scrolling through the pretty vast selection of games on offer now that’s all well and good the games on here are rather fun on the surface of it but they’re not really ones you can really sink your teeth into the real replay value here comes in the form of multiplayer because as well as being able to connect your smartphone you could invite three of your friends over tell each one to bring their own smartphone and all of a sudden almost instantly you’ve got a four player couch co-op experience pretty cool.


  1. Split screen creatorSplit Screen creator - Websoothe

There truly extends the functionality of Android multitasking what it allows you to do is to create application pairs to apps that’ll automatically when you tap them open together at the same time in split-screen mode now as you can probably tell there is a little bit of delay between pressing the button and both applications being loaded up but either way it’s far faster than the alternative of having to first load up one of the apps open split screen and then select the other one every time you want to use them together and it makes a lot of sense when you have two applications that you just tend to use hand-in-hand.


  1. Notification ShadeNotification Shade - Websoothe

the next one is a custom notification shade for anyone who a doesn’t like the way their current notification bar looks but also be for anyone who thinks it lacks some functionality the app requires no root and without doing any tinkering whatsoever it’ll look and feel like you’re running Android 8.0 Oreo you’ve got all the same access to your shortcuts to your notifications but at the same time a pretty intense level of customized ability you can adjust everything from the color of the notifications the way the quick settings are displayed or even the color of the bar controlling your screen brightness up next we’ve got possibly the most seamless and minimalistic.


  1. NotinNotin - Websoothe

It actually opens on top of whatever you are doing so doesn’t even suspend any applications in the background you then type out something you really want to remember and instantly it’ll appear in your notification bar when you’re done with it you simply swipe it away like with any other notification and completely forget about it by the same company that brought us duolingo one of the best language learning applications.


  1. TinycardsTiny Cards - Websoothe

we’ve now got tiny cards and this uses a scientifically proven algorithm to help you remember things and there is so much information crammed into this one app everything from the names of various different animals to Spanish architecture throughout the ages it’ll basically take you from a general knowledge rookie to an absolute genius as an example within about five minutes of having to use the application I’ve committed to memory about seven different types of geographical maps their exact definition what they’re used for and what they represent very quickly.


  1. Floating tubeFloating tube - Websoothe

Wish list that probably gives you a pretty good idea of what it does the name alone doesn’t really do the application justice this is more or less a fully featured YouTube app where you can like comment subscribe to channels and visit channels directly but also it allows you to create a floating window a lot of the time when you’re watching a YouTube video you want to be doing something else at the same time so you can manipulate the window you can move it around your screen and still interact in full-screen mode with other applications now what I like about this floating screen, in particular, is that even within the mini window you can skip to different parts and adjust the quality now.


  1. NaptimeNaptime - Websoothe

You might remember that with Android marshmallow Google introduced something called the doze feature on Android which essentially meant that a couple of hours after turning your screen off some of the applications would start to close down or be blocked from communicating in order to save battery well this application called Accelerates the process it makes it so that within a couple of minutes of turning the screen off the same process has been achieved now it works seamlessly if you have root and if you don’t there is a workaround but it does involve a PC and a little bit of fiddling so an application that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


  1. What’s fakeWhatsFake - Websoothe

This allows you to fake entire Watts up conversations hopefully just to be used to really joke around with your friends what it lets you do is create fake profiles with fake names and wish list the app is kind of heavy on the adverts until you pay for the full version its feature-set is really rather good it lets you type out the entire conversation from both sides and it also allows you to adjust the time that the contact was last seen online and if they’re typing currently or not again nothing game-changing but it can make some fun and kind of realistic pranks on your friends.


  1. Battery meterBattery Meter - Websoothe

I really like this application once you’ve installed it and enabled it creates a tiny little pop-up which probably reminds you on what we’ve seen on the essential phone except instead of being a camera this thing shows your battery percentage which is potentially quite a useful thing it displays on top of applications so say for example you’re playing an intensive game but you want to stop when you’ve hit 20% battery you can do that.


  1. Cheetah Keyboard
Cheetah Keyboard - Websoothe

The cheetah keyboard now this is actually by the same company that makes cm launcher and it claims to be the next generation of typing wish list I can’t exactly say if that’s a valid claim or not what I can say is this is an awesome keyboard to use first of all it’s extremely customizable not only can you change the way it looks but also the effect it creates every time you press your fingers on the keys which you can’t do on a lot and the attention to detail in terms of animation here is crazy we’ve also got a whole bunch of themes here and probably the first thing you’ll be able to tell is this is not one for the minimalist among you having said that it’s a lot of fun to use and for anyone who does like customization there is so much to do here another cool thing is that if you can scrape yourself an hour of spare time you can DIY your own keyboard theme from scratch. So there we have it guys I really hope you enjoyed the tech feed and as I said earlier it would mean so much to me.



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