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Top 10 Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Steal This Christmas



Christmas is here, and you must be wondering how to make it more fun-filled for your kids. Well, have you considered stealing this Christmas with some superb Elf on the Shelf ideas? This is going to be fun for your kids, and it is needless to mention that as a parent you will enjoy it too.

There are families where Elf on the Shelf is a very important part of their Christmas build up. If you also have a family that cannot think about their Christmas decoration without those tiny and cute elves, there are some awesome ideas on how to build Elf on the Shelf.

1. Fun Trip At Night:

Maybe your Elf wants to enjoy some fun trip at night in a toilet paper when everyone else is sleeping. Wrap your elf in a toilet paper and roll him down from the stairs. Let him have some fun-filled trips down the stairs.

Fun Trip at Night - Web Soothe

2. Fishing:

Put him just beside the wash basin of your kitchen. Block the sink’s outlet and fill it up with water. Now, place the elf with some miniature fishing instrument as if he is enjoying fishing. Put some toy fishes inside that sink pool.

Fishing Elf - Web Soothe

3. At The Gun Point:

Tie your elf with the pillar or with the long stand of the lamp shade and place some Army Men in front him with guns. Let’s see how strong this little creature can remain in front of these men and their guns.

Elf at the Gun Point - Web Soothe

4. Decoration of Christmas:

Why not let the elf do some Christmas decoration himself? This time let him do a little bit of decoration while cutting papers. Put him in the corner with some colorful papers and miniature scissors.

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5. The Wizard:

Transform your little elf into a wizard; let him be Harry Potter for one night and see what magic he can bring to your life. Make a paper hat and put a cloak on him. Do not forget to give his magic stick.

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6. Elf and Snow:

What if the elf brings a little bit of North Pole with him at your home? Let’s have some snowballs and igloos at a corner of your room where the elves are sitting and enjoying winter. Don’t forget to cover them up with warm cloths. It is snowing!

Elf and Snow - Web Soothe

7. Escaping:

Is the elf planning of moving away? Catch him in the middle of his trip when he was trying to get away from your house through the kitchen. Hang him on a rope as if he is trying to escape from a mountain top.

Escaping Elf - Web Soothe

8. DIY:

What if the elf tries to be a little bit creative with his super power of imagination? Let him get involved in some sort of DIY job on your bookshelf.

DIY Elf - Web Soothe

9. Paragliding:

You can have a scout elf that wishes to experience paragliding in the middle of your house. Hang him from two threads and put a little paper that has the shape of a paragliding kite.

Paragliding - Web Soothe

10. The Singer:

Now, it can be a singing celebrity that comes to your house from the North Pole. Let him sing loud and on a high note. Put a paper mike in front of him and see how magical his voice can be.

Elf Singer - Web Soothe

It is all about making the festival more enjoyable and fun-filled for the entire family; especially for the kids. Get something innovative this year.


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