Top 5 Tips to Prevent and Reduce Hair Loss



Your hair is your most precious accessory. It crowns your head and frames your face in the most flattering way. However, it is also among the first organs of the body to reveal signs of ill health. Hair loss and hair thinning are often signs of a deeper issue within the body.

You can lose your hair due to several reasons. It is possible to arrest hair loss before the problem becomes a chronic one.

The question of how to prevent hair loss is best answered by a doctor, if the problem is extremely severe. However, if your current hair loss is the result of dandruff, stress and lack of quality sleep, you can easily remedy the situation yourself. Try these tips if you want to know how to prevent hair loss:

Warm Oil Massage. Often, hair loss is the result of poor blood circulation to the scalp. This can be brought on by stress or an underlying medical condition. You can stimulate the scalp by applying warm hair oil and massaging it with firm finger tips. Massage the scalp for at least 10 minutes, and cover your head with a hot towel later. This helps the oil get absorbed better. Wash after one hour. Head massages also promote growth of new hair.

Indian gooseberry paste. Make a paste of Indian gooseberry powder in warm water and apply it on the scalp and hair using a brush. This paste is a repository of Vitamins C and E, which arrest hair fall. Wash the hair after three hours. If you like the taste of the fruit itself, you can have it with some honey on an empty stomach after you wake up.

Fenugreek Paste. Fenugreek contains essential proteins and acids that stimulate the damaged hair follicles and prevent hair loss. It is a wonderful remedy for severe hair loss. Soak a cup of fenugreek seeds overnight, then make a paste of them the next morning. Apply the paste all over the scalp and leave on for an hour. Shampoo with cold water and apply the paste twice a week for a month.

Coconut milk and Black pepper paste. Coconut features excellent anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. These are essential for arresting hair damage and promoting hair growth. To prevent hair loss, mix half teaspoon of black pepper powder to 2 tablespoon coconut milk and make a paste. Apply it liberally over the scalp and wash with cold water after an hour. Regular use of this remedy will reduce hair loss.

Raw Onion Juice. The reason onions make us cry is because they contain high amounts of sulphur. Sulphur is beneficial to aid blood circulation and stimulate the hair follicles. Applying juice of a raw onion to the scalp is efficacious in treating damaged hair follicles and weeding out weak hair. It strengthens the roots and promotes hair growth.

These are our 5 easy fixes for those who want to know how to prevent hair loss. Use these tips regularly to get a head of thick, strong hair that shines with health.


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