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Top 10 Unique Android Apps You Should Download This September.


If you’re menace about where, to begin with your new Android device, or you’re a long-time Google fan looking to round out your collection of critical tools, this is the list for you before we get started you can also check our ultimate app list, I’ve spent many hours refining that unmanageable mass of apps to come up with the Best Android apps


  1. Wonder wall
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The first app on this list as always is a wallpaper app, it is called Wonder Wall. You get a huge collection of high-resolution wallpapers within this app. You can choose from different categories of wallpapers. The interface of the app is beautiful and simple, and scrolling experience is super smooth. If you are interested, it also gives information like the camera used to take the picture, ISO, aperture, and exposure of the shot and so on. It’s definitely a must have wallpaper app, go check it out.


  1. Control Center
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It gives you easy access to your most used settings, in the layout similar to the control center that is found on Apple’s latest iOS. You can change the placement, size and even the color of the handle according to your choice. You get basic controls like music playback buttons, brightness and volume level, flash, and other quick settings. You can even add your most used apps here. It is more convenient than the quick settings bar, which is getting harder to access, since the screen sizes are growing bigger with each phone.


  1. Fast finder
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Spotlight on iPhone, lets you search anything on your phone, right from the home screen. Our next app Fast Finder brings this feature to your Android Smartphone’s. Just type in the app or a file name that you are looking for, and the app will search those files for you. You can even search for files which are buried deep in the file browsers, and they will show up in the search results within milliseconds. It’s a really quick way to search for anything on your Smartphone.


  1. Daregon
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This game is very similar to monument valley, which by the way is an amazing game in itself. If you don’t want to purchase that game, give this one a try. You have to solve puzzles without any tutorial or help in this the world. You learn and understand the game as you play and go ahead in it. It’s a wonderfully designed game with nice colors and calm music. If you like these kinds of puzzles then try it out.


  1. Engross
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This next app is for someone who gets easily distracted while doing any important work. This app aims to help you focus better on what you are doing at the moment. You have to start by setting a timer for how long you will be working, and from then you hit the button in the middle, whenever you are distracted. The way you can get better is by hiding the button least amount of times while performing your main task. The goal is to score as low as possible. The app even asks you to turn of the WI-FI while you are working, which will most definitely help you focus better and while you are there.


  1. Juke
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This is a genius app or rather whoever usually I should say remember when you’re at a party and your friends constantly plug in and plug out house cables between different stones to play the song of their choice yeah it’s super annoying this app solves that once you install and open up Juke on your phone when somebody sends you text message with the word song space their song’s name the app will add the sound cue and play one song after another for example song lose yourself would play lose yourself by Eminem and then if you send in other text say song shape of you it would play shape of you by Ed Sheeran right after lose yourself is finished playing only downside here is that you have to send a regular text message into the free app only lets you play a hundred songs but fret not has got about  promo codes to the full version bang bang bang bang.


  1. Get current wallpaper
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Image source: APKMonk

There are so many occasions when I’ve seen a water ball on my friend spoon or have a wallpaper applied on my phone but we don’t have the actual wallpaper in the gallery to share it with someone get current wallpaper does exactly what the name says it retrieves the current wall tip on your Smartphone and saves it to the gallery there is not much else to that it just has one job and it does it pretty well.


  1. Blinkist
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Stand huge shout out to them for sponsoring today’s video Blink’s is a digital learning app that summarizes the main points of the world’s best-selling non-fiction books into –minute experiences I love the fact that you can read it on your own or have the app read it out to you at one 1. 25x 1.5x or even 2x speed so even if you’re driving or running an errand you can listen to the blink just like a regular podcast or audio book  when you first sign up the app asks you to pick your interest so the expert team at blinkies can handpick what’s called a blink based on your likes the blinks are extremely well-written and quite easy to understand now while downloading the app and signing up is free to fully enjoy blinkers you could choose to subscribe to an early plan which starts at just 5$ a month.


  1. After focus


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Image source: Product Hunt

This app helps you a DSLR like blur effects to your photos you can choose which part of the image should be in focus and which part should be blurred out you can even apply basic filters to your images from within this app you can turn a normal looking shot into a great-looking one with this app now you don’t have to purchase the iPhone plus or the one plus five to take portrait images you can get the desired results with this app as well.


  1. Vaporware wallpapers
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This wallpaper app has quite a unique vibe to it it’s not trying to be a wallpaper app with minimal pictures it’s got completely different walls such as anime wallpapers VHS wallpapers ooh Colet’s wallpapers etc  this is over a thousand of them and they’re all HD or higher in resolution and then of course if you like a wallpaper you can directly set it as the wallpaper save it to your gallery definitely not for everybody but if you’re into stuff like anime you’re going to like this one.



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