How will you Protect your Family this Season?



The winter is upon us, and with the dip in temperature come a variety of seasonal illnesses. Plus, you need to revise your cooking plans – it’s out with summery salads and in with warming soups and nutritious meals that keep the family full for longer. Eating healthy meals loaded with nutrients helps build the body’s defences against changes in temperature and the onslaught of germs.

Apart from ensuring that your family eats the right food in this season, you also need to get out the family’s woollens and see to it that they are in good shape to use. This means additional laundry loads! Do use fabric softeners when washing delicate woollen fabrics, especially those of your children.

However, the area of most concern for you is to ensure your family’s protection against germs and infections that cause illnesses. Cold and influenza are common illnesses during this time, and children are especially susceptible to them. Your family is also vulnerable to bacterial infections both from the air and food. Hence, you will need to devise a multi-pronged strategy to create a safe and sterile home environment without the threat of illness.

Here are a few steps you can take for your family’s protection:

1.  Keep the Bathrooms Clean

The primary sites of most pathogenic bacteria and germs are the bathroom and toilet areas. Improper hygiene, inadequate cleaning, not flushing the toilet after every use and not disinfecting these areas regularly causes germs to thrive. These are then transmitted on to the skin on contact. Make it a point to disinfect the toilet bowl, sinks and shower area at least once a week with a reliable cleaning solution. Wipe down with disinfectant wipes and allow them to dry. Next, scrub the floors with disinfectant floor cleaners and also clean the tiles, shower heads, taps and other fixings.

2.  Clean the Kitchen

The kitchen is another hotbed of infection-causing bacteria. Kitchen surfaces and cooking tops suffer constant spillages, and must be thoroughly cleaned once before bed time. Use a disinfectant spray and wipe down the counters and cooking tops. Wash all chopping boards and knives immediately after use, and clean out the dishwasher as directed so that germs may not get on to your cutlery. The kitchen sink and faucets must be wiped down with cleaning solutions. Also clean out the refrigerator and discard any old food that might spread germs to other food substances.

3.  Vacuum the Living Areas

The living area is the most used space in the house. Vacuum the carpets and curtains, and use a good floor cleaner on the floor before allowing it to air dry. Do not let dust accumulate in this season – it can cause respiratory disorders as the temperature reduces. Segregate soiled footwear and have it cleaned promptly, apart from insisting on all family members washing their hands and face with antibacterial soap immediately after returning home.

4.  Keep the Bedrooms Safe

Your family’s sleeping quarters need intense cleaning. Change the sheets once a week, and do not allow outdoors footwear to be worn in the bedroom. Clean out the headrest and side rails of your children’s beds, and remove all vestiges of dirt and dust from study tables, room corners, wardrobes and other areas. Vacuum the carpets and get into the floor corners where germs and dust reside.


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